advice from SylvieHow Advice Became My Life

While I hold a Master’s degree in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, my therapy counseling training started at a much earlier age. For the past 12 years my friends, family, coworkers and even strangers have felt compelled to come to me for “talk therapy.” No judgment here – just an attentive ear and a shoulder to lean on. I’ve always had a knack for putting people at ease, listening to their problems, and offering sound advice that has stood the test of time.

My Goal

My advice will include how to deal with the pain your situation is causing in your life. I want you to know I’m here to help guide you, support you and pull you out of the emotional turmoil that’s holding you back. Hopefully, at the end of our session you will feel empowered and have a more positive outlook about whatever’s bothering you.

My True Passion

It’s my driving force to be that someone to talk to about how to handle personal and professional situations. I have become the person sought after when you need to find counseling, whether it’s about:

  • Improving a current relationship
  • Dealing with a bad break up
  • Making an important career move
  • Finding personal happiness
  • Or anything on your mind

A Little About Me

I’m a Florida native who’s into staying physically, mentally and emotionally fit. This means going to the gym and listening to positive, inspirational messages. During my free time I also enjoy dining out with friends at fine restaurants and hitting the Miami beaches for some fun in the sun.

Just a Phone Call Away

It’s true I’m an especially empathetic listener, but when you set up a chat therapy session with me, I’ll also help you find solutions! You can access my advice when you schedule a session online from anywhere in the U.S., so schedule a call today. I look forward to lending you my listening ear. - Sylvie Sterlin

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PLEASE NOTE! Talk therapy is for informal problem solving only. She’s Listening is NOT a substitution for formal professional counseling and does not constitute as a mental health treatment.