Confidential Talk Therapy Service

My Informal & Confidential Talk Therapy Service

Hello, I’m Sylvie Sterlin. Welcome to She’s Listening – the informal and confidential talk therapy service that is not only a unique sounding board for people with problems, but also offers sound solutions you can put into immediate action!

Let Sylvie Solve it

My talk therapy sessions are designed for women and men who need someone to talk to without requiring any professional therapy counseling or burdening your friends and family. If you have something on your mind you want to discuss, but don’t want to share it with someone you know, just schedule a session and I’ll be there to listen.

Maybe you need relationship advice or something else relating to your personal or professional life. I’m standing by with a listening ear and some viable solutions. Some of the common issues my clients bring to me include:

Whatever problem is weighing on your mind, I can listen and offer helpful advice.

  • Improving a relationship
  • Dealing with a bad break up
  • Letting go of negativity
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Making needed life changes
  • Following a life dream

How I Got Started

Not only is therapy counseling my passion and my career path, for over 12 years I have become a listening ear to so many of my family, friends and even strangers. They have freely opened up to me about the various issues in their lives. They always seem to walk away feeling better after taking some time out to discuss their issues with me. Realizing how much the people around me benefited from our “sessions” made me think of the others out there looking for the same support. That’s when She’s Listening was born.

How I’m Different Than Professional Therapy Counseling

It takes time and energy to find a therapist who is easy to talk to and geographically compatible. Professional counseling can also be cost-prohibitive. But, I’m just a click away and affordable, too. The best part about your private chat therapy session with me is that it all takes place on the phone in the comfort of your own space.

Confidential Talk Therapy Service

How I Can Help You

When you schedule a session, you will have a safe haven to talk without fear or shame. And I will be there to listen without judgment – only empathy and sound advice for your situation. I have a genuine passion about what I do and give quality attention and insight into what's on your mind. Depending on your situation, my goal is that you come away from our talk therapy with:

  • More clarity about your issue
  • Practical ways to deal with your situation
  • A positive attitude toward your problem
  • A roadmap for possible changes in your life

Simply having someone to talk to who is objective can be healing unto itself, so are you ready to talk? Because I’m ready to listen!

Schedule your private talk therapy session with me today!

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PLEASE NOTE! Talk therapy is for informal problem solving only. She’s Listening is NOT a substitution for formal professional counseling and does not constitute as a mental health treatment.